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What Can We Look Forward To In 2020?

With 2020 being in full swing we have many new trends that are happening for this year’s weddings.

1. Resetting a family heirloom is a must for this year’s weddings: Some will opt for a new piece of jewelry or a new ring, others may use it in a comb for their wedding day hairstyle.

2. Micro-weddings are all the rage! Weddings with 40 guests or less are increasing in popularity- & giving couples more inexpensive options for their venue.

3. Opting for a different hairstyle, then adding a Barrett or comb to your hair accessories (see #1)

4. Blue is the color of the year. 2020 will also bring rich hues, neo mint and earthly undertones

5. Edible flowers to everything. EVERYTHING.

6. Spice up your floor plan with some winding tables and fun designs. (Symmetry is a thing of the last decade.) 

7. Don't overdo the "WOW" pieces. Focus on having ONE wow piece. For example, hang florals over your dining tables.

8. We've left black suits in the 2010's. Guys, try a pop of color like navy, teal, or a cobalt blue  (We also Love subtle patterns!) 

9. What's for dessert? We'll tell you- it's NOT dessert. 2020 couples are choosing to have cheese trays for their after dinner treats!

10. Party favors are on the out- think about donating to a local charity. 

11. The 20's are bringing back the gin craze and it's all about the never-ending bubbles with a touch of mezcals to give it that special flair.

12. Couples are also choosing to be budget and eco friendly by adding a personal touch to up cycled pieces.  

Show a little love to these forgotten areas in your venue

Add a little extra oomph to your powder room by providing entertainment such as

- Tarot cards

- A magician

- Add dozens of lipsticks so any guests' makeup stays on point.

And finally, don't forget the outside of your venue! Try adding a champagne station outside so your guests always feel like they're at the party.

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