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Stay Positive

It has been a crazy time around here for the past 7 weeks. 

Even before that. But things pretty much came to a STOP for my family on March 16th. 

It happened to be our daughter Lola’s 9th birthday.  School had been called off so we spent the day sleeping in late and glued to the news on TV, which seemed to get worse every hour with predictions of what this virus had in store for our country and our world.

With 6 weddings scheduled in April, May and June, my prayers were said for each of these couples that their wedding days could go on as planned.  But with each passing day that seemed more unlikely.  We played the waiting game on many of the wedding dates, made date changes and unfortunately our destination weddings were cancelled. My weddings for April, May and June went from six to one.  

The one is small and we have changed venues and dates so we have a bit more time and control over the situation.  I spoke to the bride this week and went over the changes that had been made and what may be a backup plan if the reception site is not open.  She paused and said “I don’t have one.”   She did however say she could not wait to get dressed up and made up, something few of us do these days.  It’s gym shorts or pj’s and usually a hat because I have not done my hair. Not doing many selfies these days!

I started thinking about future weddings and brides that were in stand-by mode.  I thought about what I would do if I were in their shoes.  First of all, weddings are about love between two people who decide to become one; vowing to spend the rest of their lives together.  Of course we girls often get tied up in all the sparkle, food, drink, flowers, tablecloths, perfect chairs, beautiful backdrop, music, signage, favors and send off’s.  We are girls after all, it’s what we love.

If you have not finalized your guest list yet, COVID-19 is your excuse to cut it drastically.  Everyone will understand that you are having a smaller wedding and will understand (we hope!) why they were not extended an invitation. Furthermore, if you cut your guest list, you will have more money in your budget for details that make the girl in you giddy.  Or perhaps a more elaborate honeymoon, or a down payment on your first home.  Think positive, I promise there is a perfect wedding day just waiting for you and your groom.

Many couples will also choose to keep their wedding date and have a small, intimate ceremony, saving the reception celebration or PCWC (Post Covid Wedding Celebration) for later when things hopefully open up a bit more.  This also can be a great option.  Who wants to wear their wedding dress twice? I know I do!

Whatever you decide, I love that as a planner I get to assist you.  

Our team at Direct My Day Charleston and our wonderful vendors are here for you.



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