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You've said I do! Now what?

Hey y'all,

We're so excited to be back coordinating weddings- even with the restrictions set in place, we have been able to help 3 wonderful couples since South Carolina has re-opened (slowly, but Rome wasn't built in a day!)

Let's talk about post wedding planning- the Honeymoon.

Think about it: you have been planning your wedding day since you were little and now that it's all over, you might feel as though you're missing something. In comes the honeymoon.

Go ahead and if financially doable, take your honeymoon as soon as you've gotten married. The fact is, you'll still be in that wedding bubble and you'll be able to continue it as long as you're on the honeymoon.

Now, your honeymoon does not have to be a trip to paradise. You can honeymoon in your own backyard (not literally) by going to a nearby destination town and spending a few days in a bed & breakfast and discovering the sights.

My husband and I took a delayed honeymoon to St-Augustine, FL as our honeymoon/second wedding anniversary (yes, we waited 2 years but that's a story for another time), and we absolutely loved discovering the architecture of the historic town and if we really wanted, we were able to rest on the beach, but truth be told, we paraded the streets and tried every local pub and bar. We also ended up booking a quaint little Airbnb studio tucked on the outskirts of town that featured a beautiful view from the bedroom balcony and a private backyard filled with vines, florals and a cast iron patio set- the backyard alone reminded us of courtyards in Europe.

But if honeymooning in your own backyard isn't your thing, especially after your wedding, Wedding Wire created a list of the top 10 destinations for newlyweds, with Italy coming in at number 1 (it's so romantic and I told my husband I'd rather visit Milan, Florence and Venice than Paris if given the option).

If culture and history isn't your thing, then jump on a cruise to the Antarctic or enjoy the beaches in Maldives.

Finally, there's the option that enjoy your honeymoon where you were married, that is if you had a destination wedding!

Whatever you choose for your honeymoon, and however long you wait after your wedding, the most important thing to remember is to relax and enjoy each other. You never know when you'll have the chance to next ;)

Stay safe during the resurgence of C-19 numbers. We'll be here to help with all your planning needs!

Alison Henstridge

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