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It's Time for Valentine's!

Get ready for it, the day of Love is almost upon us! No- not your wedding day (although that day was probably this biggest love-filled day), we're talking about Valentine's Day!

While being married is a wonderful thing for many reasons, one major perk is that you'll always have someone with you for the gushy day (that goes for all you engaged couples too!)

And while Valentine's Day comes around every February 14th, it all begins a few weeks earlier when watch the stores change their decor from Christmas and New Year's to red, pink & hearts everywhere. It is when oversized stuffed animals melt your heart & you secretly hope that your significant other picks one for you.

And while all the pretty decor and delicious chocolates sound appealing, there are other things your significant other and yourself can do to celebrate Valentine's Day and make it meaningful and true to your couple.

Here are a few things to spark inspiration or to do on Valentine’s Day with your fiancé or significant other.

A rose (or your significant others favorite flower) for each year spent together: Whether you choose the number from the time you met, or have been married, this is the beginning of something you and your partner will love doing in the future of your relationship



Relive your first date!

No matter how long you have been with your partner, this can be a fun idea to bring back your first memories! You can book the same restaurant or bar or try to recreate the meal at home!

Spend a Day at the Spa!

After all the stresses of wedding planning you will LOVE this! This is a great way for you and your S.O to get away for a moment and finally relax!

Spend the day doing WHATEVER you want.

Sometimes life and work get in the way of things so much that we forget how to spend quality time with our partners. Our minds can be so consumed with the stresses of things happening in our lives that we need to take a step back. This doesn’t have to be limited to Valentine’s but sometimes it is worth it for you and your significant other to just take a day off and do something out of the norm.

Overall, just love your person like every day is Valentine’s Day.

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