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How to Beat the Heat: Summer Weddings Edition

Charleston is known for its beautiful scenery, humidity, and weddings. Still being new on the block in the wedding world, I am learning the ropes of summer weddings in the Lowcountry. Dealing with pop up thunderstorms, brides’ makeup running, wind, and people not drinking enough water. These are just a few things that my team and I are dealing with in the summer heat. So to help everyone out there preparing for their big day in the summer months, I’ve come up with a list of my 10 reminders that you need to think about for yourself and guests for a beautiful summer wedding.

1. Remember, it is light outside until around 8:30pm, so if you have a venue with a lot of natural lighting, people will not start dancing until later.

2. Hydration stations are a must while people are waiting for the ceremony to begin.

3. Think about having a pre-cocktail before the ceremony so people can get a bite to eat and drink before the ceremony begins.

4. Think about having a ceremony start time of 5:30 or 6:00 due to heat.

5. Have your hair and makeup artist stay until after pictures so you can get a touch-up - Or have them leave you with some touch-up lipstick/makeup.

6. Have the groomsmen bring a different shirt for after pictures.

7. Have water at each seat for the guest during dinner.

8. Make sure the whole bridal party has not had too much to drink, and also never lock your knees during the ceremony.

9. Try to get married under a shaded area, as well as at a time that guests will be provided that same coverage.

10. Think about having fans as a program and a gift idea to help fan away the bugs and heat.

If you would like to know more about all of these tips listed above, then tune in on my Facebook LIVE every Tuesday night at 8:30pm for more details. Facebook: Lauren Chambers Tracy.

Until next week, stay hydrated, safe, and tell someone you appreciate them today!!

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