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A memo from the Mother of the Bride...

From the desk of our very own Lee;

As a wedding planner, I love helping brides build a story of their wedding day that tells all about the couple: what they like to do, what they like to eat, what is unique to their relationship and how they want to spend the day into evening of this very special once in a life time event.

I remember thinking when my daughter was born 25 years ago that one day I would be able to help her plan her wedding. Well last year this time I was doing just that: Planning my daughter’s wedding!

Bride and Groom's table setting

I treated it just as I would with a client. I wanted this day to be all about her (them) and I made sure they (she) made every final decision. It was such a fun time for us. I remember evenings where the two of us cozied up on the sofa with a glass of wine and seating charts.

Lee & her daughter, Jordan

I was going to use my own advice and do what I tell every mother of the bride to do on the day of: Have Fun!

I had put together a very trusted group of vendors. My faith in them let me relax and enjoy the day getting hair and makeup done and the night dancing with my friends and family.

Huge thanks to our talented vendors:

Lauren Tracy with Direct My Day

Anna Griffith with Cannon Green Events, Deborah Bell with Deborah Bell & Co.

Hair & Make Up by Alter Image

Live painting of ceremony by Stephen Popadich

Congratulations to Jordan & Harrison Baker.

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